Kaleido-Soap: A Twirly-Whirly Solid Bubble Bath Bar



Kaleido-Soap has all the fun of liquid bath bubbles wrapped up in a solid, twirly-whirly bar!  Kaleido-Soaps Fizz a little and Bubble a LOT!   What’s more, they smell fantastic and colour your bath with milky blues and purples which are bound to delight!  As an extra bonus to your bath, we loaded our bubble bars with moisture-rich oils to leave your skin feeling silky and soft and smelling great when you step out of the tub!  Our Kaleido-Soaps are bright and citrus-y to make your bath a sensory wonder.

To Use Kaleido-Soap:

Do you want a little bubble or a lot of bubble?  Break off some of the bar and crumble under the running bath water as your fill your tub.  Add as much of the bar as you like to get the desired amount of bubbles.  Be careful!  You may want to save some for another bath because I know you will fall in love with this experience!

For more Fun. . .

If you love the citrus-y smell of Kaleido-Soap, you may fall in love with our decadent Vanilla Bubble Truffle.  If Bubbles aren’t your thing try the “Bombs”.  The fizz and fragrance of our Smell the Roses Bath Bomb is sure to please!




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