Frosted Pine – A fresh morning Pick-Me-Up



Frosted Pine Hand Crafted soap is a clean and woodsy scented soap.  This fresh crisp scent is a perfect pick-me-up in the shower.  Our bars are made by hand and cast in pine boxes to cure.  We work hard to create bars that look as beautiful as they smell.  They’re almost an art form!

Inside the Frosted Pine Bar

Inside every handcrafted soap you will find pure, nourishing oils that benefit the skin.  That is, you won’t find harsh detergents that dry the skin in Nekkid IQ bars!  Crafted the old fashioned way: with Saponification!   Learn more about Saponification here.

Want to see more of what we have?

We have many other bars to choose from!  Try a beautiful floral scented bar here.


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